“Let the child be the script writer, the director and the actor in his own play”

Magda Gerber

Our Approach.

Our infant program aims to foster trust and strong relationships between our caregivers and your children. These positive relationships are the first step in cultivating a rich learning environment for the children. We build on that trust by developing routines that help the children feel safe and in turn learn and grow.
  • 1
    Understands common words such as cup, daddy, milk, truck. Responds to simple verbal requests.
  • 2
    Sensory Awareness
    Explores objects in different ways. Shakes, Bangs, Throws. Experiments with objects.
  • 3
    Deploy and enjoy
    Babbles long strings of sounds like babababa. Uses gestures like Hi or Bye.
  • 4
    Pattern Recognition
    Able to recognize familiar music and show appreciation for it.

Primary Milestones

Sample Activities

  • Daily Tummy Time
  • Rolling Time
  • Sensory Play with Different materials
  • Infant Aerobics
  • Peek-a-boo and other simple games
  • Sing a long time.
  • Significant crawling time.
  • Talking Time - Talking to infants helps grow their vocabulary.

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“We strive to bring out the best in every child.  In our teachers, you will find an intense passion for childcare that cultivates from our company's culture”
Carishma C 
Business Owner

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