“Everything we do as teachers must ensure that the child's inherent desire to learn is kept alive”

Robert John Meehan

Our Approach.

This age is a time of wonder and amazement. Children are just beginning to form their independent personalities and the child's world is dominated by fantasy and a vivid imagination. We aim to strike a balance between fostering this independent spirit and teaching the children essential tools that will help them succeed in Pre-K and beyond.
  • 1
    Can count to 10 and recognize numbers. Understands some colors like Red, Blue and Green.
  • 2
    Fine Motor Skills
    Able to use scissors, handle crayons and able to do multi-piece puzzles.
  • 3
    1200-1600 word vocabulary. Able to express themselves in 4-5 word sentences.
  • 4
    Motor Skill Development
    Able to hop on one foot without losing balance. Can throw a ball overhand.

Primary Milestones

Sample Activities

  • Sensory Bin Play
  • Dramatic Play -Playing in a pretend kitchen and serving food. Playing dress up.
  • Clean Up
  • Finger Painting
  • Play with different textures
  • Puppet Shows
  • Music Time - Sitting and playing with different musical instruments
  • Learn to dress up dolls

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“We strive to bring out the best in every child.  In our teachers, you will find an intense passion for childcare that cultivates from our company's culture”
Carishma C 
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